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The MDX spIce series Otoscope is one of the most advanced Otoscopes in the market today. Made of ABS Reinforced plastic making it extremely durable and impact resistant. The fiber optic assembly is manufactured in Germany by Schott Fiber Optics providing high quality light for patient comfort

Simply put, the spIce series otoscopes are the highest feat of precision engineering and craftsmanship in the market today.

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spiCe LED Fiber Optics Otoscope 

+With HL 2.5 V Xenon bulb 
+Fibre-optics for an optimum light beam and transmission of light. 
+Removable magnifying lens with 2.5-fold magnification. 
+Possibility to insert external instruments when magnifying lens is removed. 
+Extremely impact resistant casing made of ABS reinforced plastic. 
+Chrome-plated metal fitting for fast attachment and removal of the speculum. 
+Simple exchange of lamp at the base of the instrument head. 
+Including ear specula 4mm(5PCS) +2.5mm(5PCS).