Anesthesia >GE 600


The GE Series of Anesthesia machines are a robust feat of engineering with heavy duty alloy frame and state-of-the-art design that ensures surgeons have one thing less to worry about during their work.

The compact design keeps the unit footprint to a minimal while providing all the features and technology found in most premium grade Anesthesia Machines today.

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  • Special Feature
     Patient type: Adult, Pediatric
     Driven mode: Pneumatically driven electronically
     Mode: Semi-open, Semi-closed or Closed system
     Anesthetic vaporizer: one vaporizer (optional two)
     Power supply:220v±10%, 50Hz±1Hz
    110v±10%, 60Hz±1Hz
     Power consumption:≤50W

    Anesthesia Ventilator
     Respiration mode: IPPV, SIMV, SIGH, MANUAL
     Display: 5.5 SNT screen
     Waveform: P-t, V-t
     Tidal volume: 50ml~1600ml
     Respiratory frequency: 1~65BPM
     I:E ratio: 8:1~1:8
     High pressure alarm limit: 20~60cmH2O
     Low pressure alarm limit: 0~20cmH2O
     Monitor parameters: Tidal volume, MV, Ppeak, PEEP, respiratory frequency, I:E ratio
     Safety valve pressure limit: 6 Kpa
     Alarm parameters: High pressure alarm, Low pressure alarm, O2 source failure alarm
     Good air tightness, high reliability, and minor respiration impedance

    Main Unit
     Circle absorber: compact circle absorber
     Bellow: 0~1600ml
     Flow meter: O2, N2O four-tube flow meter
    O2 tube: 0L/min~1L/min~10L/min
    N2O tube: 0L/min~1L/min~10L/min
    O2 and N2O Linkage Device Adjust O2 and N2O in proportion(keep O2 concentration not lower than 25%)
     Oxygen FLUSH: 25L/min~75L/min
     Gas source pressure:
    O2: 0.25Mpa~0.65Mpa
    N2O: 0.25Mpa~0.65Mpa
     Gauge: Two gauges,N2O, O2