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The Accuit Sign series is designed for the most intense ICU and General environment. With its Crystal clear large 15' LED screen and easy to read display, you can rest easy knowing you're getting the most clear and optimum readings.

With over 15 years of evolution, the Accuit Sign series of Patient monitors are the pinacle of modern monitoring technology. It has a full range of features including Heart rate monitoring, NIBP, Respitory rate, ECG, SpO2 and temperature sensors which give the complete picture of the patients condition.

Simply put, the Accuit Sign series are the staple for every Hospital.

1.15'' screen with true color, wide viewing angle, high brightness LCD display.
3. Simple and friendly operating display interface.
4. Internal chargeable large capacity battery provides convenience for patients' moving.
5. Playback and browse function for long term waveform and monitor data record.
6. Optional printing output function, alarm triggers printing.
7. Auto double alarm with audible and visible signals
8. Anti-defibrillation, anti-interference from high frequency electric knife
9. A full-synchronistic lead multi-channel ECG display...
10. This medical equipment can be used in ICU, CCU and operation room.