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The HartStart series of defibrillators are designed to be robust and durable for the most intense emergency situations. It is light yet solid, portable and rugged so that it is never an inconvinience to carry and performs above and beyond.

The HartStart series are simply the benchmark of modern defibrillation technology, design and robustness. It is fullfils needs from Basic Life Support (BLS) to Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). 

Screen Type: High-resolution display 
Screen Size: 7 inches(17.7 cm) diagonally 
Sweep Speed: 25mm/sec 
Information: Heart Rate, Lead/Pads, Alarm On/Off, SpO2, AED Functions and Prompts, Alarm Selection and Limits, Delivered Energy. 

Waveform: Biphasic 
Charge Time: Less than 7 seconds with a new fully charged battery. 
Energy Display: Monitor display indicates both selected and delivered energy. 
Charge Prompt Type: Voice and visual prompts. 
Electrode Impedance Measurement Range: 0-250 ohms. 

ECG Monitoring 
Patient Connection: 3-lead ECG cable, or 5-lead ECG cable, paddles. 
Lead Selection: Displayed on monitor, paddles, I, II, III, AVR, AVL, AVF, V. 
ECG Size: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 4 cm/mV diplay on monitor. 
Heart Rate: 20-300BPM. 
Heart Rate Alarm: On/Off displayed on monitor, user-selectable. 
Smart Alarms: Beeper/voice prompts indicate shockable rhythm. 

Type: Rechargeable, Ni-MH battery, 12V. 
Operating Time: For a new, fully charged battery: 60 defibrillator discharges at maximum energy, or 3 hours minimum of continuous ECG monitoring. Additional parameters will effect operating time with different functions. 

SpO2 Module 
Measurement Range: 30~100%, ± 2% between 80%~90%, others ± 5% 
Alarm Range: User set high limit and low limit. 
Alarm Accuracy: ± 10% within setting values. 
Alarm time Accuracy: Less than 12 sec. 

Paper: 50mm thermal. 
Speed: 12.5mm/sec, 25mm/sec, 50mm/sec. User-selectable 6-second delay. 
Printing Method: High-resolution, thermal print head. 
Print-out Modes: Manual or automatic, user-configurable. 
On/Off Control: Front panel and paddle. 
Automatic Function: 9-seconds recording initiated by alarm activation or defibrillator charge or defibrillator discharge. 

AED Mode 
AED Function: Auto analyze and charge x3 with programmable auto energy level selection, screen prompts, and voice prompts. 
Shockable Rhythms: Ventricular fibrillation with amplitude >=200UV, ventricular tachycardia with rates >=140bpm, and QRS complex wave duration >=140ms. 
Charge Control: Control on device front panel, press key on paddle. 
Prompts: Voice and visual prompts. 

Manual Mode 
Energy Selection: Selectable at 2, 5, 7, 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 300, 360 joules. 
Synchronized Mode: Synchronizes defibrillator pulse to patient's R-wave. "SYNC" message displayed on monitor.