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The NeuroPro series of EMG devices are the most modern feats of technological engineering utilizing ultra sensitive sensors to measure every activity of the brain.

The customized software will ensure the user has the most advanced analysis tools available on their finger tips.

The equipment records bioelectricity activity of nerve muscle for determining its function state, which combines with nerve conduction speed, to give patient an auxiliary diagnosis.
Checking contents: EMG(electromygram), MCS(motor nerve conductor velocity), SCS(sensory nerve conductor velocity), F wave, Hreflex, RNS(repetitive nerve stimulation), Blink Reflex, VEP(visual evoked potential), BAEP(brainstem auditory evoked potential), SEP(somatosensory evoked potential), etc.EMG Software

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■Professional EMG/EP operation platform and perfect test items, complete each test in the shortest time.
■Neuro and muscle navigation system, convenient in selecting test part.
■Powerful normal values system, contrast with normal data automatically.
■Flexible software design, configure system parameters according to requirements.
■High-speed data collection, electromagnetic interference suppression, Photoelectric isolation and low noise.
■Integrative hardware system, compact in configuration and easy in moving.

Main system part 
A/D conversion resolution  16 Bit
Sampling ratio   200kHz
Analysis time   5-5000ms
Stimulating frequency  0.1-50Hz
Amplifier part
Sensitivity    0.05μV-20mV/Grid
Earth noise   EMG <= 4μV(Vpp)
EP <=0.1μV(Vpp)(1000 times in average)
Common-mode rejection ratio   >= 100dB
50Hz Ban wave setting:
Upper limit for Filter-frequency   20kHz
Lower limit for Filter-frequency   0.01Hz
Gain amplifies 25 times-400000 times
Stimulator part
Constant current   0.2-100mA
Pulse width   50-1000μS
Short circuit and overloading protection
Auditory Stimulator 
Stimulation wave   40Hz Short, Sound Stim
Stimulation polarity   nondense wave, dense wave and alternant wave.
Sound strength   40-120db (1db per level) 
Stimulation mode   left, right, left & right
Frequency of 40Hz carrier wave 500-8000Hz
Visual stimulator 
Mode  tessellation, horizontal bar and vertical bar.
Stimulation view all-view, half-view and quarter-view
Resolution 3x4, 6x8, 12x16, 24x32, 48x64
Physical characteristic 
Dimension       420mm*350mm*46mm(L×W×H)
Net weight       6KG

  • PC System not included