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The Pulmovent Series of Anesthesia Ventilators are robust and versitile series of Portable Anesthesia Ventilators.

The classic, tried and tested design ensures reliability even in the most demanding ICU environments. An internal battery ensures the device remains working even during power outtages.

The large crystal clear lcd color display will ensure that all the relevant information is in view.

Simply put, the Pulmovent series are the staple for every Hospital.

  • Compatible with any anaesthesia machine 
  • Microprocessor controlled retention device in the solenoid valve
  • User-friendly design,  simple in operation and easy to maintain.
  • Suitable for adult and pediatric
  • Control of Tidal Volume, Respiration Rate ,I:E Ration.
  • Gas driven and electronically controlled.
  • Audible & visible alarm in case of faults
  • Internal Battery (Re-chargeable) for two hours operation in case of mains failure.
  • Ventilation mode:CMV,SCMV, SPCV, IMV,Manual. and could display P-t.V-t wave form.
  • 5.5" inch LCD screen display.
  • Specification:
  • Tidal volume:20ml-1500ml
  • Minute volume: 0.1 -25 Lpm  
  • Pressure Limit:0-60cm H2O
  • PEEP:0-15cmH2O
  • Inspiration pause:0~25%
  • I:E ratio:4-1-1:4
  • Two independent bellows seperately for adult and pediatric,adult bellow:0-2000ml.pediatric bellow:0-300ml