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The Eagle GE Portable Anesthesia is a rugged, heavy duty piece of equipment designed to be mobile for emergency response situations.

It is a ultimate in portable anesthesia delivery with its isoflurane vaporizer.

This machine is fully up to the CE standards for medical equipment. The only mode for the anesthesia : manual. The data displayed include Paw and floemetre. The vaporizer has advanced flow, pressure and temperature compensation functions. High-precision flowmeters fully meet the requirements of anaesthesia machine running in a close mode

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Main parts

  1. Main unit  
  2. Crius210 vaporizers
  3. Standard accessories

Technical specifications

Ventilation mode: Manual
Parameters monitored: Pair, Po2,Plimit
Parameters: TV:20-1500ml;  Work pressure:0.3-0.4MPa;  Flowmetre:0.1-6.0;  APL:0.5-6.0KPa;  Flush:30-60L/min