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The Spiro series is a medical device designed for clinical and home use. There are several options to ensure maximum versatility and portabilitly.

Simply put, the spiro series is a must have device for every clinical & home user.

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  • Main Features

    ■Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), Forced Expired Volume in one second (FEV1), the ratio of FEV1 and FVC (FEV1%), Peak expiratory flow (PEF), 25% flow of the FVC (FEF25), 75% flow of the FVC(FEF75) and average flow between 25% and 75% of the FVC(FEF2575) can be measured. Besides, the testee condition can be shown by the ratio of the measured value and the predicted value.

    ■Flow rate-volume chart, volume-time chart display.

    ■Data memory,delete, upload and review.

    ■Trend chart display.


    ■Information prompts when volume or flow goes beyond the limits.

    ■Automatic power off when there is no operation in one minute.

    ■Rechargeable lithium battery and with charging tips.

    ■Battery power display.